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America Car Rental invites you to visit Cozumel.

We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in the car rental and truck industry, we have more than 23 branches in Mexico and international branches.

This paradise destination in the Mexican Caribbean awaits you, with a variety of activities and places to visit during your stay on the island. You can get to all these places quickly and easily thanks to your car rental in Cozumel, with the variety of cars and vans that America Car Rental has in its fleet since among them you can find the one that best suits your travel style.

Whether your trip is for pleasure or business in America Car Rental we have made a list of the places you have to visit during your stay in Cozumel. As you take the wheel on your journey we show you the way.

  • You have to visit the beaches of Cozumel, among which they can not miss are: The Sky, Blue Beach or Dzul Ha Beach, with crystal clear and fresh water to counteract the heat of the sun.
  • The sea has a lot to offer, so you have to venture to the depths to admire the Palancar reef or the Pink Wall, which are full of life and colors.
  • Arrive with your rental car to Pearl Farm, a protected space where you will find the family property that takes care of the flora and fauna of the area.
  • Discover Chankanaab National Park, which is full of wonders, a protected lagoon, reefs, snorkeling equipment, loungers, palapas, games and more.

What documents do you need to rent a car?

To be able to rent a car with America Car Rental you must take into account the following requirements to not generate problems.

  1. Being 18 in advance
  2. Current driver’s license
  3. Current official identification (INE or passport)
  4. Credit card issued by banking institutions.

**Important: We do not accept credit or debit cards issued by departmental stores such as: Coppel, Banco Azteca, Liverpool, etc.

We guarantee that your car rental process is easier and easier, dare to live a new adventure with America Car Rental.

Drive around Cozumel!

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