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Manzanillo, “beach, life and heart”

Choose your own path in Manzanillo, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and its beaches bathed by the water of the Pacific, give its landscapes an unparalleled beauty. Making this beautiful city an ideal setting for the road trip of a lifetime.

Fine tune details! Having a car at your disposal while you are on vacation is vital for your comfort and your autonomy, with a rental car in Manzanillo you will be able to move around the city at your own pace.

Rent easy and fast! Renting a car in Manzanillo with us is simple, you just need to be over 18 years old, an official identification (INE, passport or permanent residence) and a personalized credit card.

Expand your horizons! When you rent with America Car Rental, you have unlimited mileage, so you can break the barriers of distance. And if your destination changes course, you can also return your car at one of our branches around the Mexican Republic.

Comfort and safety! Car rental in Manzanillo with America Car Rental already includes insurance coverage, so that you can only focus on enjoying your trip. In addition, our service is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can be sure that we take care of every aspect of your rent.

Stay connected! When renting a car in Manzanillo with America Car Rental, we offer you a SIM card with mobile data, so you can stay connected with the ones you love the most and share the best of your experience at the moment.

Rent a car in Manzanillo and live your beach adventure.

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