Terms and Conditions

Requirement to Rent a Vehicle
  • The minimum age is 18 years of age. There is no limit for maximum age.
  • Present an original and current drivers license, with photograph.
  • The titleholder of the rental, or the authorized additional driver, must present his/her current, original driver’s license, from the country of residence. We reserve the right to verify and accept the drivers licenses, according to the established norms by America Car Rental, and negate the rental, in case of any omision or non compliance.
  • An official identification, current and with photograph INE (for Mexicans) or, passport, current, with photograph, from the country of residence.
  • As payment for the rental of the vehicle, Credit or Debit Cards are accepted, (Amex, Visa, Discovery, Or MasterCard) traveler’s checks. Personal checks or travel vouchers are not accepted. We reserve the right to accept, or not, if the Credit or Debit Card is from a special promotion, in bad shape or is illegible.
  • America Car Rental, reserves the right to decline the reservation or the rental of the vehicle, if the client does not cover satisfactorily the necessary requirements to carry out the commercial transaction.
Rental Policies
  • For security, deposits for guarantee are not accepted in cash, in any currency. This method is only with a credit card.
  • A bank authorization will always be required for the credit card guarantee for deposit.